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03:13 p.m. Tuesday, September 16, 2003

gah! i can't believe shaun got contacts!! i'm going to stab him... ESPECIALLY if he does not give me he picture. well... hmm... what to say? i guess that i'm finnally developing my friendship further with a certain guy that i would do any day of the week. yeah... however, i'm beginning to question his "sexual orientation". first he gets a perm, then he tells me he's wearing 'Essence' by Armani, then he almost totally feels up poor sam in bio. seriously, sam was half asleep and vinny just starts rubbing his head in his hair. i dunno... my life is fucked. other then that, channing won't stop talking about smiley, even though he's uglier than a giant poo... to be frank. and she won't stop making fun of my "man"... or so i like to hope. hah. naw... anyways... possibly the soccer game tonight at seven? nobody knows...

04:50 p.m. Monday, September 15, 2003

long time, no see... eh?

hmmm... well... alot has happened since i decided to stop writing in this stupid thing. shall i summarize it? hmmm...
-i had a "nolan"... bwa ha ha ha
-now my best friend has a "nolan"... bwa ha ha ha
-school has started.
-i'm enjoying it, no matter how bad everyone else makes it sound
-katharine is pissed at me again. apparently i make a big deal out of EVERYTHING.
-boys are confusing and i hate them.
-not really, though.
-i bought a david copperfield shirt and it is totally knad.
-i'd still do vinny.
-i'd do a few people.
-school dances are now like sex with clothes on.
-i like them
-five iron concert or homecoming? nobody knows.
-crazy cult-like church youth group tonight.

hoorah! wow, well. if you still hate me for having a cigarette, or whatever that was about... i'm sorry, but i'm not going to be a turd for you, hunny. talk to me when you come to your senses.

06:06 p.m. Friday, August 22, 2003

wowie zowie. gah! concert in about a half an hour. i would kill myself, but i don't feel like letting my dad down. at least i get to spend tonight at his house. uhhhm. and probably most of tomorrow as well, incase ya feel like getting ahold of me and what not. had a hair appointment today... didn't go, i'd rather be ugly than waste my time in a salon with my annoying mother and controlling little sister. if the world implodes now, i'm blaming it on wierd al and his communist plot to make his concert on the night when everyone is off doing normal people things. if i don't waste all of my cheap mother's money tonight on useless things, my life will have been a waste.

even i can't believe how much i despise my family... with the exception of my uber-hip father. much love!

10:00 a.m. Friday, August 22, 2003

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... i'm STILL tired. oh well.

nothing to say except that my mom is going to be home alllllllllllllll day. bleh. i really hope that i can get ahold of megan to go to the concert, i also hope that she's not mad at me because i seem to be so damn good at fucking everything up.

these cookies are making me fucking sick
11:17 a.m. Wednesday, August 20, 2003

hm. well... yesterday was spent sitting around at mk's house. mom got home at 4:30 and we went shopping (we, being mk, lindsey, mom, and i). it seems that i can't be around my mom for more than 2 minutes without her bitching at me for something or other. yesterday it happened to be the fact that at all times, my skirt was either too short or too low down on my waist AT ALLTIMES. okay, it was a little short, but my ass wasn't hanging out or anything.

so, i buy my giant new boots and a rocky horror picture show shirt and we're on our way back home. we have to stop at target for lindsey, so right before we pull into the parking lot mom tells mk and i that we can just roll down our windows and sit in the car and wait for them. so, naturally, as we pull into our parking space, i roll down my window. mom lets out the biggest SHREAK that i've ever heard in my life. WHY ARE YOU ROLLING DOWN YOUR WINDOW? i explaned that was what she had told us to do. she said, 'oh yeah' and turned the car off.
so, after sitting and waiting for her, they get back in the car and we're driving home. mom informs lindsey that we will be eating pizza for dinner, i chime in with, "i'm going to eat over at mk's". apparently this offends my mother or something becase she goes, "i don't care what you do anymore". i told her that things she says like that really hurt my feelings. she says good.

in the end of our conversation i yelled something like 'at least i'm moving in with dad in february'... but to tell you the truth, i don't know if that's going to be able to happen. my dad may not be able to get on days and mom would never let me go over there if i was left alone to practice my "lesbianism" without supervision of a consenting adult. so... yeah... i will kill myself if i have to move in with her.

i told her this and her reply was, "good, then you'll burn in hell with all the badass lesbian goths".

would you care to know what "badass lesbian goth" lauren did today? she color-coded her closet. ROCK ON!

01:21 p.m. Tuesday, August 19, 2003

well. haven't updated in a while. stuff is happening. saw swat. my brains are now, oficially, mush. orientation was... umm... how shall i put it? interesting. i never new a group of people could have so much fun going up and down stairs. uh... anyways... back at my mom's house. hanging out. went swimming half nude at around noon with mk while my spanish neighbors sat outside and watched us. yeah. if steven ever wakes up i want to watch mystery science theater 3000.

yeah, nevermind. we're going to go wake him up.

we also had a giant battle with nick and nick in mk's house with shoe spray and hockey pucks. yeah. gotta go.... mk's yellin about her groin.

10:18 a.m. Sunday, August 17, 2003

today looks like it's going to be a hang out with dad day. we're going to go to the cemetary and if there's a sports game on today, i'll get screwed into watching that. oh well.uh. i guess if you wanna come hang out with greg and i, give us a ring. lately we've been talking alot about how we're going to make the whole moving thing work out. i guess dad and i might actually buy a house over by athens to make things easier for the both of us. that would rock. then i would only have to see my mom every other weekend, and i could make up shitty excuses about not going if i wanted too, just like lindsey does to my dad.

03:32 p.m. Saturday, August 16, 2003

in a bad mood for the first time in quite a while. my mother can go fuck herself.

12:54 a.m. Saturday, August 16, 2003

thank something for ac...

we had an odd movie night tonight. we watched hedwig (again) and friday the thirteenth PART TWOOOO! though... i really don't know why. it would have made much more sense for me to watch the first one first, eh? i finally saw one of them, nolan! bua ha ha ha! pity the power was out this morning, eh? but still... i did get free ice cream and i also got to run through the farmer jack with nolights on while playing a plastic saxiphone to everyone. yeah. prehaps someone else will tell you more, but i found 'black-out 2003' to be quite entertaining... to bad i never had crazy black-out sex. i swear, that's exactly what i would have done if i wasn't stuck with my dad and a certain neighbor wasn't CAMPING.

03:39 p.m. Thursday, August 14, 2003

this is eating me alive.

i can't help but feel at fault.

depression is almost as ugly as jealousy and in this case is caused by it.
fuck this.

pointy boobs.
02:24 p.m. Thursday, August 14, 2003

today was spent puttering around oakland mall with katharine and yesterday night was spent in royal oak with katie, and katharine again. hmm... i gave three dollars to a drugged up poor guy and helped a lady push her stalled car out of the middle of the road. god had better forgive me for not believing in him. so, yeah... i bought a neat david bowie shirt, a pair of purple fishnets, a black and pink polka dot bra, pink leg-warmers,a black pleated skirt, a blue pleated skirt and the first george carlin book.
i'm going to poke someone's eyes out with my boobs. i could direct traffic with this damned bra on. oh well... it's non-returnable so why not make the best of it?

03:08 p.m. Wednesday, August 13, 2003

well. i'm back from a very uneventful couple days in the city of nothing. i guess we're going to royal oak at 4-ish. i really do hope tommy's store is open. anyways... uhh... you'd really think that i would have more to say, wouldn't ya? oh well... gah! iggy pop has a new album coming out on september 30th!!! i need money!!!!!
um... uh... SUNTAN LOTION!

a few things i jotted down on vacation:
06:11 p.m. Sunday, August 10, 2003

Friday, august 1st 3:38pm- just arrived in mackinaw city. CD case fell in pool… pinkerton ruined.
7:30- I hate my mom and I’m never coming here again.
8:00- just talked to my dad on the phone for twenty-something minutes. I can’t wait for my week with him.
10:30- everyone’s asleep… watching the Cosby show

Saturday 5:15- today we went to Petoskey and I bought a water-proof CD case and a skatalites CD. I also bought some pins. Looked for a pony. It’s pouring and I’m in the hotel room. Who is this chingy guy? Whoever he is, his name makes me want to stab myself in the fucking head.
8:02- talked to dad again. Nothing going on. Mom yelling about wanting to watch ‘pay it foreword’.
8:42- this vacation bites it hard.

Tuesday 9:48 am- on our way to picture rocks. It’s a gross and cloudy day. Last night we went and saw pirates of the Caribbean. It was a really great move, not that I ever doubted it. I met some nice guys at the pool last night. Too bad they’re leaving today.

Friday 11:06 am- it’s taken me all week, but I’ve deduced the five things that make up a guy I think is hot (usually).
1. a sense of humor
2. long hair
3. an old pair of chucks
4. slightly feminine
5. taken, gay, or an asshole.

bleh. i lied. this is SO my last entry.
12:11 p.m. Friday, August 1, 2003

incase you haven't figured it out, oh great rocket scientist friends... i have archived all of my old entries. to see them, please visit the link in the left area-side-thingy entitled 'all entries before august 2003'... or something along those lines.

see you sunday, darlings!

it's more fun when you don't give a fuck
11:46 a.m. Friday, August 1, 2003

This’ll be my last entry until next Sunday. Yes… vacation tomorrow at 8:00 in the morn. I reckon that I’ll be mighty tired tomorrow since, of course, we’re attending jamfest tonight. Hoorah. Kate slept over last night. We watched Monty python and a lot of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I swear Carson was on Kids in the Hall!! Wasn’t he? Katie had never seen it (damn her). Well... yesterday at the mall we bought Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I do believe that is a great movie. Oh… and we stocked up on things to make me fatter. Who really cares though? It’s not like I really have anyone to impress. I also got a snazzy ass new shirt, some seriously bitchin tights, and a bosstones CD for the ride; Five and a Half hours, motha-fucker. What else did I get… uhh… oh yeah! I got a really sweet new dress. It has, like, cherry-thingies on it.

katharine’s at four. Aye, matey!